Mark & Joyce Sonday *WIN* the Land Speculation Lottery as Village of Mount Pleasant Pays Them $400,300 Per Acre!


A Better Mount Pleasant notes:


The village has listed a property parcel they purchased in Sturtevant just a few weeks ago, located at HWY 11 and HWY H. The village purchased the property for $784,000 saying they HAD to buy the entire parcel for road widening.

At the time, the fair market value of the parcel was $135,000. Sources confirmed to us the high purchase price was most likely because the village had no authority to impose eminent domain in another jurisdiction – so the seller got a great deal.

The village will tear down the long vacant house and will only entertain offers above $550,000.

Um, let’s all hope that get significantly more than that. #weareintherealestatebusinessnow

The Village of Mount Pleasant actually purchased 2 acres, comprised of one full parcel, and one partial, for a total of $800,600! Or, $400,300 per acre. From the legal description:

Parcel 2 of Certified Survey Map No. 2076, recorded August 17, 1998 in Volume 6 of Certified Survey Maps at Page 363, as Document No. 1641481, and being part of the Southwest ¼ of Section 21, Township 3 North, Range 22 East, in the Village of Sturtevant, County of Racine, State of Wisconsin. EXCEPTING THEREFROM land conveyed for highway purposes by Deed recorded in Volume 3318 of Records, Page 18, as Document No. 1804499. Address: 2925 105th Street, Sturtevant, Wisconsin Parcel No. 181-03-22-21-036-020 AND Part of Parcel 181-03-22-21-036-030 2941 105th Street, Sturtevant,  Wisconsin Fee Title in and to the following tract of land in Racine County, State of Wisconsin, described as:  (see the below PDF’s for the entire legal description)

For those who wish to view the complete Transfer Return, it consists of two pages and is available by clicking on the links to the PDF viewer:

Mark Sonday

Joyce Sonday

The land purchased is within the red outline borders:


From the Transfer Return:

While the Village of Mount Pleasant paid $800,600 for two acres, of only which a partial strip was needed, these lands were only assessed for a combined total of $156,000.

2925 105th Street was zoned commercial with a land value of $67,000 and an improved value of $42,400, for a total of $109,400.


While 2941 105th Street was zoned Residential with a land value of only $46,600.


Note that the Attorney representing the Village of Mount Pleasant is Alan Marcuvitz. From the Transfer Return:

In addition, Attorney Alan Marcuvitz is also Mount Pleasant’s property acquisition attorney and expert. The below is from screenshot which clearly indicates the level of conflict between Residents and Elected/Appointed Officials as the Village forces Residents off with Eminent Domain, Blight, low-ball offers, threats and intimidation.

From his on-line Profile: Alan Marcuvitz

While Mr. Marcuvitz currently represents the Village of Mount Pleasant, in the not too distant past he has represented Mount Pleasant Land Speculation Lottery Winners, Mark & Joyce Sonday, as Plaintiffs in these cases:

Kenosha County Case Number 2009CV000007 Mark S Sonday et al vs. Wisconsin Department of Transportation et al

Link to PDF Viewer: Mark Sonday v WI DOT

Kenosha County Case Number 2004CV000749 Mark S Sonday et al vs. Village of Pleasant Prairie Community Development Authority

Link to PDF Viewer: Mark Sonday v PPCDA

Interestingly enough, while Mark Sonday initially lost his land to the Pleasant Prairie CDA, he won a major arbitration award in 2006. Cheated Mount Pleasant residents need to pay attention!

Military museum reopens after long fight

Though still a work in progress, the owners hope the new venue will attract tourists

October 03, 2007|By John Dobberstein, Special to the Tribune

In 2002, Pleasant Prairie used eminent domain to condemn hundreds of acres, including the museum site and Mark Sonday’s van-conversion business, to make way for development along I-94. Village officials said the museum doubled as a military scrap yard and didn’t fit in with the corporate image they wanted their municipality to project.

In 2006, an arbitrator awarded Mark Sonday a $3.9 million settlement, ending the condemnation process and giving the family enough cash to move the museum and pay $160,000 in legal fees.

Does Mark Sonday and MTP Attorney Alan Marcuvitz know something which cheated,  blighted,  condemned, and displaced  Residents of MTP don’t know? Perhaps.

Cheated and Beaten Mount Pleasant Residents should really enjoy the irony:

Review: Russell Military Museum

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to spend a few hours at the Russell Military Museum.  This privately owned museum sits just south of the border between Illinois and Wisconsin about an hours drive north from Chicago.  The museum is situated right off the highway and is easy to get to.  A somewhat battered looking M3 Stuart light tank marks the entrance to the museum parking lot, a former car dealership lot converted into a museum in 2007.

Museum owner Mark Sonday has been building his collection over several decades, originally showcasing them at a previous location in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin (which wife Joyce Sonday now refers to as “Unpleasant Prairie”.)  Forced to move due to Pleasant Prairie using eminent domain to clear land for a retail development, the Sonday family became embroiled in a long legal fight to gain fair compensation for the theft of their land by the state.  For more on the legal battle and move, read this Chicago Tribune article.  (Why a community would prefer an outlet mall to a collection of historic armored vehicles and aircraft is a complete mystery to us!)

But Mark Sonday sold yet another partial parcel to the Village of Mount Pleasant as Russell Military Museum LTD:

From the MTP Village Board Meeting Agenda Minutes for July 9, 2018:

This one acre parcel was part of a 6.99 total parcel and sold for the low, low price of only $64,830. The original 6.99 acres had a value of $236,400 for the land ($33,820 per acre) with an improvement assessed at $1,287,300 for a total of $1,523,700.

For those who wish to view the complete Transfer Return, it  is available by clicking on the links to the PDF viewer:

Russell Military Museum

From the Transfer Return:

Just as Joyce Sonday refers to Pleasant Prairie as “Unpleasant Prairie“, Mount Pleasant has morphed into “Mount Unpleasant“, and continues to beat and cheat Residents:

Properties in Foxconn ‘blighted area’ await their fate

MOUNT PLEASANT — Kim and Jim Mahoney say they have not heard from the Village of Mount Pleasant since it made its offer to buy their home back in April.

They say they have not heard from the village since it voted on June 4 to blight the area they live on, and the clock might be ticking for the village.

The Mahoneys live on a 1.8-acre parcel within Area I and have been negotiating with the village to sell, but things have gotten quiet.

“It’s our position that the blight area designation means nothing for our property,” Kim Mahoney said. “And we literally have not heard anything from the village since their initial offer back in the beginning of April.”

The Mahoneys got their own appraisal for their land, which they said the village “rejected it outright.”

So they let the village send its own appraiser, Pitts Brothers and Associates, to value their land.

According to the Mahoney’s, the village made a “lowball” offer to them based on the average of the two appraisals multiplied by 1.4 percent of the property value.

Kim Mahoney declined to say what their appraisal number was, but said the village came in significantly under their initial appraisal.

“That offer was about $215,000 less than what we believe it will cost to get exactly what we have now with the same exact mortgage that we have now,” Kim Mahoney said, adding they have not responded to the village’s offer. “We pretty much ignored it.”


Please join Cindy and I is JUST SAYING NO to allowing Governor Scott Walker, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave,  City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason & MTP President David DeGroot to violate the Wisconsin Constitution (and their Oath of Office) by granting special rights to Corporate interests, stealing people’s property, destroying multi-generational Farms alongside an entire long established Community, loosening environmental protections, permitting heavy metals water pollution, instituting slave labor wages, providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaire Corporations, and politician overreach.

Residents also demand to be treated fairly with respect and dignity! 




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