The Foxconn Scam!

Is Foxconn and 13,000 jobs truly coming to Mount Pleasant? Well, the Politicians and politically connected Pundits say YES – but Foxconn has a way of scamming politicians and communities. Remember that the promised construction jobs are only temporary – and lead to high unemployment after the work is done.

NO Foxconn in Racine County

From Racine County Eye:

Foxconn, WEDC agreement expected this week

Foxconn Technology Group will bring up to 13,000 new jobs — 10,000 construction jobs and 3,000 permanent jobs.

There you have it – MAYBE 3,000 permanent jobs – yet not one has been created – no employees have been hired – no wages or taxes have been paid – and even the land acquisition for the manufacturing facility has not been purchased. The 10,000 construction jobs are only temporary and will lead to high unemployment afterwards; something which Southeast Wisconsin has become accustomed to.  In other words – it is still all a great big ZERO. Actually it is LESS THAN ZERO, as the Politicians have promised $3B in incentives, tax increases, Tax shifting via TIF’s, a possible new County Sales Tax,  and the creation of a new unelected new taxing authority,  – a RTA! (Regional Transit Authority)

In addition, there are still hurdles to overcome with the land acquisition – while Foxconn also has a habit of backing out of deals, meaning that the likelihood of the manufacturing facility ever being built continues to diminish. It may all be a part of a Donald Trump plan to assist a failed Governor – Scott Walker – in getting re-elected – along with Paul Ryan, Robin Vos and David DeGroot.

From: Talking Racine discusses Fox-conn. The relocation of over 100 residents of Mt Pleasant to the environmental impact it will have on our area to the official contract that will not be available to the public until after it’s signed.We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.

Remember that Governor Scott Walker promised to bring 250,000 new jobs to Wisconsin – a failed promise – now he promises 13,000 – yet 10,000 are deemed “temporary” by the Employer, Foxconn – while the other 3,000 which have not yet appeared are promised to start in 2020 – 3 years away.


From: Politifact Wisconsin:

Gov. Scott Walker fell short when it came to his top 2010 campaign promise — that the state would add 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term.

But he would have finished much closer had there been four years with the jobs growth seen in 2014 — especially the final four months of the year.

State employers added an estimated 53,400 jobs in 2014, pushing the total for his four-year term to 146,795. That’s about 59 percent of the total Walker promised as a candidate.

For our tally, we use the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, which surveys nearly all state businesses, to get the most accurate picture for Walker’s first three full years in office. We combine that with monthly survey data — which comes from reports gathered from a small percentage of state businesses — to provide the most up-to-date picture for where things stand.

We declared the jobs Promise Broken in September 2014, when it became clear that it would be mathematically impossible to achieve the promise.

Governor Scott Walker, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, and Mount Pleasant Village President David DeGroot are all depending on the smoke and mirrors of a moribund promise of future jobs to maintain their elected status; a tainted promise which will never materialize.

Talk is…. cheap!

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